Dmitriy Solomonyuk


In-Office Lab Technician

Art has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a child. Therefore it was a natural fit for me when I began my career as a Dental Technician in Ukraine in the 1980s. When I moved to the United States in the early 1990s I continued my profession and refined my art using new techniques, materials and technology that was available to me. My determination for excellence and my passion for the work I produced led me to open my own boutique dental lab in 1995. Over the next twenty years I grew a successful small business and produced high end work for my dentists. Like many other industries, the field of dentistry was experiencing a digital transformation and so in 2016 I joined Dr. Ceccacci in his new digital dental laboratory. Although the new digital lab and techniques may be different than those of my 1980s lab, my “eye for art” and passion for my work has remained much the same throughout this evolution. Outside of my profession, my main hobby is cycling. Often times you will find Dr. Ceccacci and I cycling together as this is a shared interest of ours!